Regenerative Medicine Institute

Regenerative medicine therapies, including platelet rich plasma and stem cell, help to heal injuries, both acute and chronic, by restoring the structure and function of damaged tissues.

The conditions treated at OAA’s Regenerative Medicine Institute include osteoarthritis, tendon injuries, and ligament and muscle tears. Using a patient's own tissue to initiate the healing process, regenerative medicine can help people restore function. It can help to delay or avoid surgery altogether, but can also be used as an adjunct to surgery.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy

Everyone’s medical needs are different. Our doctors will assess the needs of each individual and customize a treatment plan that gives each patient the best outcome possible. Learn more about how Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy can help to improve your injury.

Regenerative Medicine Physicians

Jill R. Crosson Jill R. Crosson
Michael A. Krafczyk Michael A. Krafczyk
Robert E. Wertz Robert E. Wertz
OAA's Regenerative Medicine Institute consists of respected board certified and fellowship-trained physicians who have years of experience treating orthopaedic and musculoskeletal injuries. In addition, our physicians are proudly affiliated with Blue Tail Medical Group, a nationally renowned leader in the practice and advancement of orthopaedic regenerative medicine.  
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